On September 3, 2010, the Greek Turkish Youth Orchestra gave an unprecedented concert in the atrium of the Acropolis museum. The young musicians captivated the public with arias from Mozart, Wagner, Verdi and Bizet where Tenor Constantinos Klironomos and Soprano Anna Pangalou were highly applauded. In the second part of the concert, the orchestra presented the “Unfinished Symphony” of Franz Schubert. Anastasios Symeonidis, conducted the orchestra.

The unique outdoor setting and the impressive venue of the Acropolis museum, combined with the enthusiastic public of all ages, transformed this musical evening into a very special event. The concert was free of charge and two hours prior to its beginning, all seats and stairs of the atrium surroundings were occupied.

The press prized the performance of the orchestra and gave encouraging coverage for the performances and the future of the Greek Turkish Youth Orchestra.

The next day the orchestra travelled to Nafplion where it performed the same programme on the Arvanitias square.