Our project

An orchestra of about 60 young musicians formed by equal number of Greek and Turkish members. GTYO originated from the conviction of music lover Leni Konialidis, that playing music in a group generates harmony and friendship in human relations.

Sharing the universal language of music in the same orchestra brings the young musicians closer, thus creating a bridge of communication.
Once a year, Greek and Turkish musicians unite for rehearsals during one week in Greece or Turkey, followed by concerts in both countries.

We aim

to enhance relations between Greece and Turkey through music; to meet, communicate, foster friendships and overcome past and present differences.

Our objective is to transmit an emotional and unifying experience through the language of music, where no boundaries prevail.

We achieved

Performances in both coumtries in very prestigious venues, including:
the Atrium of the Acropolis Museum, the ancient theater Herodes Atticus in Athens, the Municipal Theater of Pireus,  the Megaro Musikis in Thessaloniki, the Castle of Kavala, the Palace of the Knights in Rhodes, as well as the Lufti Kirdar Hall in Istanbul, the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Hall in Izmir, the ancient city of Teos in Seferihisar, etc.

Our highlight

In November 2008, five representatives of  GTYO played in Rotterdam during a Forum organized by the Club de Madrid.

Heads of States and Governments from over 50 countries participated in this event where Bill Clinton also attended the performance.